Online inspiration with Asha


Explore a treasury of spiritual insights through Asha’s talks. This is where the rubber meets the road—learning how to really live a spiritual life from the authentic inside out. Asha has a gift for making it clear and attainable, and the compassion to meet us with deep acceptance, where we really stand. A lifetime of inspiration is available here, freely offered.

Asha’s classes on YouTube

Nearly all of Asha’s classes are posted to her YouTube channel, The Inner Life with Asha. Visit there anytime to browse or search the large collection of topics, or subscribe to stay current with the latest uploads. Popular series: Demystifying Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, The Mahabharata, and Conversations with Yogananda.

Video: Asha talks about early years at Ananda with Swamiji. 50th Anniversary of Ananda’s founding, Ananda Village Temple of Light, July, 2019.


Podcasts/MP3 files

Prefer to listen? A treasury of classes and sermons are posted as podcasts/MP3 files. All of Asha’s book study classes are here — many hundreds of talks going back many years. In fact, this is the most complete collection of Asha’s wisdom available. Enjoy the company of a wise spiritual guide and friend whenever you wish.

Sunday sermons on YouTube

Asha gives Sunday talks regularly as part of a weekly worship service inspired by parallel readings from the Bhagavad Gita and the Bible. These 30-minute talks are spiritual jewels—relevant, often humorous, deep, sometimes poignant. They are posted to her YouTube channel within a day or two. For those who prefer podcast/MP3 files, you can explore a library of Sunday talks going back years, and organized by sermon topic.

 Webinars - How to Deepen Your Spiritual Life

Watch live webinars two Fridays evenings each month when Asha is not on the road lecturing. (6 pm PST)

 Stories from the Heart: Articles by Asha 

Read gems from Asha’s talks and classes, transcribed and edited. Updated often.


“Asha, I just listened to your sermon of yesterday, and I want you to know that you are transforming my life utterly and completely.”
—Vikram, Portland, OR 

“Nayaswami Asha's online talks are very uplifting — so down-to-earth and real. They are helping my inner spirit to expand and grow. They give me inspiration to continue in my baby steps to meditate and learn unconditional love of others.”
—Sandy E. 

“I have listened to Swami Asha's classes which are available on your web site for a year and a half. They have changed my life in tremendous ways. English isn't my native language so I need to repeat each lesson several times. But it is always a pleasure as Swami Asha has an amazing way of speaking. Sometimes I listen to her just to lift my mood. She is so energetic and speaks about complex things with a smile. I adore her with full respect.”
—Anna, Poland

“The first time I heard Asha speak, I asked myself, ‘Who IS that woman!?’ She had such sweetness, yet so much power and poignancy in her words. I felt deeply uplifted. She spoke in a way that was so practical and meaningful for me personally...just what I needed to hear.”
—Supriya G., Sacramento

“There has not been a Sunday service of yours that I have missed, because I download them when they come available online. I wish to deeply thank you, Asha, for all that you share: your devotion, your wisdom, and your understanding.”
—Korry C.

“Thank you for all lectures and classes you posted on the website. It is my everyday inspiration.”
—Nora, Chicago

“I just wanted to thank you for last night, and for all the webinars. You are changing people’s lives through these classes — including mine.”
—Melody Veenhof, Ananda Webinars Coordinator