Testimonials about Asha

“I am finding answers to questions I have asked for decades. Thank you for shining your love like a lighthouse, guiding me home.”
—D. B. Palo Alto 

“This is the first concept of God that I can fully embrace. Exactly what I needed to hear, in a way that I could really hear it.”
—Lois M., Palo Alto

“I had a beautiful home in the Bay Area, a high-paying job that I was passionate about, and loving friends. I was also a determined atheist. I had everything I’d ever wanted, but there was still a hollow feeling inside. Whenever I stopping rushing around, even for a moment, I found myself weeping. I knew something was terribly wrong, but didn’t know what to do about it. A friend brought me to hear Asha speak one Sunday. I’d never heard anyone speak like her. She was brilliant, funny, humble, and profoundly inspired. I’ve hardly missed a single one of her talks since then. And I have discovered a rich inner life that I never knew was possible before.
—Marilyn H., scientist

“I was always looking for truth that was nondenominational — the real Truth behind all the different religions all saying their way was the only way. I gave up looking for awhile, but then I went to an Ananda Sunday service. I liked the people right away. There was something happy and calm in their faces. When I heard Asha speak, I knew I’d found what I’d been looking for.”
—Andre R., professional ballet dancer

“I have listened to Swami Asha’s classes which are available on your web site for a year and a half. They have changed my life in tremendous way. English isn’t my native language so I need to repeat each lesson several times. But it is always a pleasure as Swami Asha has an amazing way of speaking. Sometimes I listen to her just to lift my mood. She is so energetic and speaks about complex things with smile. I adore her with full respect. I still feel I am the beginner on the Self-Realization Path, but I love the journey.”
—Anna, Poland 

“Asha is an amazing writer. She puts you into the presence of divine wholeness. Blessings to all of you, for holding open the door, so that the Light of God can blaze into this world, and we souls who long for His unconditional love might bath in it if only for a brief time, on our long journey from darkness to joy.”
—Jay P., software engineer 

“Asha, you caused me to ask the right questions. You inspired me in a way not common in my life and I honor you, your God presence and your exemplary compassion and never ending kindness. You really did change my life and I am in a state of appreciation.”
—Michael B, Florida

“I just wished to express my deep gratitude to you for all that you have meant to all of us that continue to grow, and learn from you, and the way you interpret in understanding all the wisdom of Swami, and the great Masters of this lineage. And how you can break it down, convey, and share their wisdom with us, on all levels. For these deep teachings we bow to Swami and Master. Yet, in many ways, it is you who have been our most trusted interpreter. With your help, these deep teachings become something we can actually live.”
—Biraj Palmer, Palo Alto

“Thank you so much for making your courses and services available online. It makes a huge difference for my spiritual life. Every time I hear a spiritual discussion, it is encouragement in the right direction. I’m off for 3 weeks to Europe, and have my MP-3 stack filled up!”
—Zachi Baharav 

“I listen to the CD recordings of your book over and over. They bring the stories to a whole new level.”
—Lajjana, Lynnwood, Washington 

“Thank you very very much for the wonderful book you wrote. Your book has convinced me that Swami Kriyananda is a bonafide saint. And that means a great, great deal to me. I have asked God many times to meet a real saint. I had my doubts about Swami till I read your book.”
—James M., Oklahoma

“I really had no idea that you had so much information available for easy downloading. So, I decided to click on one of your sermons, Asha, and listened to your latest one. Throughout the sermon, I was very engaged and enticed by your wonderful ability to weave intricate stories from many sources into a wonderful set of spiritual insights and lessons. You do this in such a natural and compelling way, that I can only imagine the amount of self-knowledge, discipline, and study over the years which has allowed you to be such such an effective teacher. I’m sure my brief 15 minutes of exposure only provides me a glimpse of your teaching expertise, but I wanted you to know how much I appreciated what I heard and saw. 
—Marshall Schecter, Leadership Consultant, Denver CO

“Thank you so much for your terrific website—I love listening to your classes and find them inspiring. Many blessings.”
—Karen Sherman, research scientist, Seattle, WA 

“I have just listened to a number of your classes on the Bhagavad Gita. I feel profoundly helped by them and a real change in me as a result. I appreciate your generosity in sharing your honest experiences and also relating the major events of Swamiji’s life in the context of discipleship. It made the principles real, here and now. Not just great philosophy, but something I can also aspire to.”
—Mukti Deranja, speech therapist, Nevada City, CA 

“From my heart, I want to thank you for all you do in your teachings and guidance that have helped me and many others. Despite all my previous resistance to religion, your talks, tapes, and wisdom have been the lifeline for me, the doorway through which I was finally able to access my real, spiritual home. I am forever grateful to you for leading me back to the real purpose of life—Self-realization.”
—Joycee W., museum curator, Alameda, CA 

“I want to say THANK YOU for all lectures and classes you posted on the website. A friend posted several your lectures on his website, and this is how I found this treasure. It is my everyday inspiration. My guess that all theaters in the world are crying for losing the greatest actress, but I am really happy that you chose the spiritual path. I am very grateful that life gave me the opportunity to meet you and have a better attunement and understanding through your lectures.”
—Nora, Chicago

“I have been residing in southern California, and spending a great deal of time at the SRF hidden Valley ashram. However there has not been a Sunday service of yours that I have missed, because I download them when they come available online. And I wish to deeply thank you for all that you share: your devotion, your wisdom, and your understanding. Your lectures have certainly allowed me to grow in my understanding of ’the path’. And to grow my attunment with Master, and grow in love for God and this wonderful path of the Masters. Thank you for everything. I have only been in your physical presence a few times, however I feel as if I know you through your lectures. May God and the Masters eternally bless your life.”
—Korry Constantino, designer 

“I would like to thank Ananda Palo Alto for the brilliant sermons and wonderful teachings posted online by Asha. I am now on a path toward becoming better human being as a result of the wisdom talks of Asha.” 
—M. M.

“Coming home from work tonight, I was enjoying listening to your CD on the Gita, when you said, ‘What we do with our inner landscape is everything!’ Now that’s an amazing and encouraging statement. These CDs are so much good company and fun! And wisdom-giving.”
—Paula Jones

“The first time I heard Asha speak, I was totally "wowed"! I asked myself, ‘Who IS that woman!?’ She had such sweetness, yet so much power and poignancy in her words. I felt so uplifted. She spoke in a way that was so practical and so meaningful for me personally... so relevant to my life and what I wanted and needed to hear.”
—Sheri Goldberg, Sacramento, CA

“I remember Asha once saying that reading a book of Swamiji’s is like skipping along the mountain peaks, enjoying the spiritual vistas in view from those heights, without oneself having had to make the arduous climb to the top. I’ve found, though, that because Swamiji expresses deep truths so simply, it can be easy when reading his books not to appreciate just how high a mountain you’re standing on. I’ve listened to a couple of Asha’s class series so far, and they did much to inspire me with a deeper appreciation for the books.”
—Lakshman Heubert, Swami Kriyananda’s personal secretary 

“Asha, you are able to convey a stream of spiritual encouragement and understanding. Thank you for your spirit of dedication and loyalty. You are very much an example for inspiration.”
—Shankari, Santa Rosa, CA 

“I have been deeply inspired by your spiritual talks and classes. I look forward to watching your Sunday Service online every week. Your Service is a spiritual feast for me and all sincere devotees. I used to think what would happen to Ananda after Swamiji leaves his body. But now I know it is in safe hands.”
—Srinivas, Canada

“Asha is a remarkable speaker. While Swami’s talks are deep and wise, and offer advice from the mountaintop, Asha’s are filled with more examples from daily life, are more fleshed out with details, and help ‘connect the dots’ from where we are now to where Swami talks about being. Asha’s special gift is giving examples of how to take the next step forward from where we are.”
—Larry Rider, Seattle, WA

“I am listening to the Chakra CD that I purchased on Saturday, and I LOVE it...Excellent, informative, Deep explanations.”
—Seema K.

“I’m writing just to thank Asha for all her inspiring talks that are available online. She is really an amazing speaker. She has an incredible ability to explain the teachings so clearly that it’s really a joy to listen to her. I absolutely love to listen to her Sunday services and I’m now listening over and over again the new audio classes that you made available for us. Thank you so much!! God bless you.”
—Gregor Leban, Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Slovenia

“I want to mention again how much I enjoy your site and have for years. I think you do a wonderful job. I know that many people from Ananda India have studied Asha’s Gita classes so much so that it seems a fairly regular topic of conversation. Thanks again for all the hard work, I think many people the world over appreciate it.”
—Steve, India

“A friend suggested that I listen to your Gita classes which were put up online. So I started to do that. I can only say Wow! I have Swami’s book with me, but owing to my school, I am not really able to read it. Your talks are a real blessing because I can put them on my portable music player and ‘get hooked’ onto them. At this instant, I had to literally pause one of your talks ( talk 17 - the one where you start Chapter 4 of the Gita ) and start writing this letter. Something you said in response to a question was totally life-changing. I feel a LOT happier now and my relationship with God has become clearer from my side. I simply cannot thank you enough.
—Krishna Deep, India 

“Ever since hearing my first Sunday sermon with Asha, I was hooked! I walked away with ‘real’ teachings that I could take back into my busy life as a corporate employee and mother of active teen-agers. I am indebted to Ananda for showing me that spirituality and practicality (i.e. job, family, duties) can, and are, harmoniously intertwined, if we wish. Thank you for these incredible
—S.B., Cupertino

“Asha has a way of speaking that gets beyond my personality, and reaches into my soul to literally wake me up to an awareness of my true Self. Whenever I attend one of her classes, I ask myself how could I ever miss one.”
—Mary Bicknell, bookstore owner, Hawaii

“Gentle, loving instruction from the heart.”
—Jeffrey Patterson, Saratoga

“Asha truly understands what each person’s needs are and conveys a message of love and support for each of us.”
—Dolores T., Los Altos

“Asha’s speaking style, though amazingly fresh and lively, has its roots in a simple desire to help. Her great gift is not so much her incredible talent for creative expression as it is her sincerely serviceful nature. Thus, through her talks, Asha has a way of bringing light, clarity, kindness, and joy into all aspects of life.”
—J.D., Mountain View

“Asha is so well spoken. It was an honor and a pleasure to speak with her, and a blessing to have her on our Peaceful Planet show. The spiritual legacy from which she is working is a great one: She was personally trained by Swami Kriyananda. Her explanations are so clear. She has an amazing way of describing profound truths. Someone once wrote, ‘Only a great teacher produces more great teachers.’ From that viewpoint, I think Swami Kriyananda qualifies as a great teacher.”
—Marcia McMahon, M.A., Host of “Peaceful Planet” radio show
With Love from Diana, Queen of Heart